March 15th, 2011


From Twitter 03-14-2011

  • 06:31:42: Finally sleepy enough to bother heading off to #bed with the dawn chorus already underway.
  • 17:03:03: #wakingup form a LONG sleep.
  • 17:12:58: Avoiding my email for 'fear' of what someone might say.
  • 17:24:29: Also reluctant to take my phone out if "airplane" mode for 'fear' of voicemails, SMSs and phone calls from same.
  • 19:36:37: Have sorted out four or five loads of laundry. Will try to be awake enough to do them tomorrow during daylight so machine does not wake town
  • 20:43:52: Remade my bed after Smudge decided that what the flat sheet under all the pillows, duvet and blankets needed was added bile and hairball.
  • 20:44:59: Now melting #toohot and wheezing #exhausted.

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