February 27th, 2011


Characteristics of Narcissistic Mothers

Woah! I find myself nodding along with every word of this article:
Characteristics of Narcissistic Mothers
It is shocking to finally believe that it was not all in my mind (despite knowing intellectually that it was not - my brother and I have talked about it at length over the years). Also, I knew I was an Adult Child of a Dysfunctional Family (ACoDF) by dint of dad having Schizophrenia and had just assumed that mum was reacting codependently to that but now I see in *every* word of this article that there may have been more to the dysfunctionality of our family and that I may actually be an Adult Child of a Narcissist[ic Mother/Parent] (ACoNM, ACoNP or ACoN). Every quote in this piece of what the Narcissistic Mother might say is something that mum has said in the past, word-for-word or a close paraphrase.

ETA: I know for sure that I have had periods of being pretty damned narcissistic myself (especially during a "nervous breakdown" at uni) and there is also a theory going round that the human race is becoming more and more narcissistic at the core as time goes by. It is a solid part of capitalism and at the core of USian republicanism, from what I can gather. This, however, is different and more insidious. This is child abuse.

I want to make this public but I am not sure that I want mum to read it on the off-chance that she comes to my LJ for her once-a-decade-or-so visit to see how I am. I may open it to public later on.
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