February 25th, 2011


From Twitter 02-24-2011

  • 03:26:13: Suddenly VERY sleepy in the midst of casting of my latest knitting project. Off to #bed - it can wait until tomorrow.
  • 11:51:49: #wakingup with only the briefest of cough. Maybe I am finally past the worst of this bug?
  • 11:57:54: Also, I can breathe relatively deeply without coughing! Not 100% all the way but about 95%…
  • 16:15:53: Falling asleep at the mac / WoW. Going back to bed while my body recuperates more.
  • 16:33:29: Still occasionally coughing. Chest is back to bubbly growling crackles. I am seeing sparkly wiggling fairy-snakes when I cough.
  • 18:33:12: #wakingup again

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