February 19th, 2011

sad, depressed, blue

A timely example

Further to my recent posts about digital presence after death, someone on my LJFlist mentioned that another member of a fandom they shared had died suddenly in an accident. The comment thread to her lasts posts make sobering reading but make me even more determined to try to remember to make some kind of digital will.
e.g. this one:
we can't stop here...this is bat country - Hello Flist

P.S. Still coughing with bronchitis but still nowhere near dead!

From Twitter 02-18-2011

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Writer's Block: Taking the good with the bad

What are your best and worst personality traits? Do you think your friends would agree?

(Question copy/pasted in case they change it again:
What are your best and worst personality traits? Do you think your friends would agree?)

Tricky one, this. I can be stubborn and set in my ways/routines but that may be more the MonSter than me. I take ages to choose a meal from a menu because I want to try everything but then I usually end up choosing the same meal that I always have at that $restaurant because I know I will like it and that it is unlikely to upset my guts. Hmm. I am pedantic and literal. I am idealistic and optimistic whilst also being pessimistic (i.e. thinking of as many possible positive and negative outcomes as possible so as to be less likely shocked/surprised). I have no real idea which of these are positive or negative, to be honest. All have both positive and negative sides to them and I am sure that their polarity is in the eye of the beholder. I am just me.

What do you all think are my best and worst personality traits?

P.S. I have taken the last dose of amoxicillin this morning but am still coughing, wheezing, crackling and feverish. I can see that I need to go back to the GP…