February 17th, 2011


From Twitter 02-16-2011

  • 00:10:14: … (cryptic) P.S. Crying makes me cough, too.
  • 00:13:47: I wish I could smoke right now but that would make me cough too.
  • 00:14:02: Tummy rumbling. May have to find food.
  • 00:26:35: I wish that amoxicillin (and many other oral antibiotics) would work and do their good stuff without upsetting my guts.
  • 00:28:34: #depressioncount (0-10) =9.
  • 02:23:51: #amoxicillin #paracetamol #meds4 #bed
  • 02:34:22: Remind me, when I think I am hungry, it is just the amoxicillin making my guts churn, not my tummy rumble.
  • 02:35:25: #bed now with phone in airplane mode + wifi for twitter etc.
  • 03:46:20: Failing to sleep and lying down is making me cough so I am going to get up and play som WoW.
  • 03:57:08: *some. Except, on getting back up, I realise that it is Weds am and so WoW is down for maintenance. Knitting and reading it is then.
  • 04:58:17: Still awake. Still coughing. Still gritting but trying not to grind my teeth. Still trying to stop thinking. Still not dead. Still not king.
  • 05:09:55: Anyone know a good way to stop thinking? I am just getting more and more wound up and unable to sleep.
  • 13:17:25: #wakingup from a dream about being a cycle courier. My dreams taunt me.
  • 13:27:16: My cough appears, this morning, to be less "coughing up my lungs" agony and more just "cough".
  • 13:28:22: While trying to sleep last "night" it was half-and-half and the cough→cough→cough→cough… was back again.
  • 13:31:01: #amoxicillin #cocodamol (the codeine may help vs the upset guts) #meds1 #meds2
  • 13:33:05: #strepsil #cocodamol LL 1230
  • 14:39:39: #meal1 = alpro yog
  • 15:27:44: #medsdelivery Walking down to the front door and back up has made me all wheezy. Well, more than before.
  • 15:33:48: Ordered more #repeatmeds paracetamol.
  • 15:53:30: I *think* I am hungry. Yeah, I know, what I said last night about the antibiotics. Maybe I will risk some plain DFGF pitta. Had yog.
  • 16:04:01: I can eat yoghurt without coughing. Dry DFGF pitta makes me cough however well I chew it.
  • 17:52:39: Just had my paints out for a while playing with the gouache for the first time. Yeah, I know. Had them ages but not got round to it. Tiring.
  • 19:45:19: Note to self: take meds more often. #amoxicillin #paracetamol

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