February 16th, 2011


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Stoppit LJ!

Has anyone else been getting spam-quantities of emails from LJ telling them that they are the owner of an LJ community that they KNOW they are the owner of because they created the community? I own LOADS of communities and I have been getting an email per community in dribs and drabs for the last 24 hours or so and it is getting annoying so, OI!! LJ!!! NOOOO!!!!!!!!
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"fiction is important. dammit."

In fact, when you read about a character performing an action, your brain responds as if you were performing that action yourself. In so doing, your brain absorbs that experience as if it were your own and files it away in that repository of knowledge it can draw on in the future.

tribal X - fiction is important. dammit.

This is why I like to read LJs, web-fiction, eBooks and other content, be it fictional or biographical, on my mac while I knit. I may not get out much but at least I can experience life vicariously.
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