February 14th, 2011


From Twitter 02-13-2011

  • 06:31:54: Woke up coughing. Pseudoephedrine would hep a lot but not allowed any more so feel like iced shit.
  • 06:34:17: Cold. Achy. vision more double than b4. Exhausted from yesterday. MonSter + chest infection (maybe bronchitis) = hell.
  • 06:57:52: Really hoping this #cocodamol helps vs the #paincount=9 feeling of my forehead in a slowly tightening vise. I should try to go to sleep.
  • 06:58:54: ant light hurts my eyes. Probably #migraine. Going to get miore ice then back to #bed. :(
  • 12:25:34: Feeling more human now the light no longer hurts my eyes so much. Throat/chest is still hurting/burning. GP tomorrow I hope.
  • 13:26:48: Braindead and sleepyeyes. Going back to #bed
  • 18:01:22: Coughing slightly less (except when I eat) but there is a constant rattle/bubbling in my lungs when I breathe.
  • 18:27:56: If things are not where my muscle memory expects them to be then I get discombobulated, wobble, stagger and even (cont) http://tl.gd/8q7ps6

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Writer's Block: Connecting the dots

How do you feel about standardized tests? Do you think they accurately indicate a student's knowledge or ability?

Well, I have always been against tests and exams of any kind because they always made me fall apart. I used to (back in the 80s when schools and universities used to base all grading on exams) wish for grading to be partially based on coursework, projects, essays and so on and/or that exams be open-book and so more real-world. Then, in the 2000s (ages after I left school) I hear that they mainly grade on coursework and so on. However, qualifications are now considered to easy because they used to be impossibly hard and emphasise perfect memories over real-world "know where to look it up" skills. I dunno, really. I know the system I was schooled within was overly stressful and difficult for me, although I used to love exams before about age 10 so maybe my difficulty with them was developing along with the MS.