February 8th, 2011


From Twitter 02-07-2011

  • 00:48:28: I seem to cough a lot more when lying down trying to sleep and/or when sleeping & being woken by coughing. Sitting up nose & chest feel dry.
  • 01:29:46: #cocodamol about 30 mins ago. When lying down my eyeballs feel like they will explode as do my cheekbones and ears. Sinuses.
  • 01:30:26: When sitting up, though, I am perfectly okay (except for the fever sweats and chills, of course) until I make the mistake of breathing …
  • 01:31:20: … breathing through my mouth and then I am coughing again and my lungs/trachea want to explode as well. Joy. NOT.
  • 01:40:03: I am also "lucky" in that my gag reflex was conditioned out of me as a child and so it does not trigger when I cough. So far I am able to …
  • 01:41:15: … I am able to swallow any phlegm that I bring up or that drains from my sinuses. Yay for my adjustable bed that means I can sleep raised!
  • 05:19:02: Another try at sleeping. #bed I need to take my temp more often when healthy coz it was 36.9℃ when feverish earlier #weirdMonSter #ms
  • 11:16:10: #wakingup bladder break. #paincount =3 or 9 in spikes. #strepsil #cocodamol and back to #bed.
  • 14:44:55: #wakingup again. No voice.
  • 14:55:00: Nurofen Cold & Flu. = replacement for Lemsip 12 HR but need to take more often. #pseudoephedrine + #ibuprofen. Also sucking #strepsil.
  • 14:57:09: Vertigo and nystagmus worse than ever. Can barely focus eyes. No voice. Wheezing. Everything HURTS! ☹
  • 15:02:28: Was going to play WoW and/or knit/read but I cannot even see to read email. Luckily the key on the keyboard are large. can't touchtype.
  • 15:02:48: Should probably go back to #bed.
  • 15:05:45: Managed to do #copaxone RTU 1405 and take #meds1 & #meds2. Running freezing cold now. Need to negotiate custody of €bed with cats now.
  • 15:16:20: I knew that chest infections were considered dangerous for PwMS but not that it could be THIS PAINFUL. How long do I wait b4 calling GP out?
  • 15:20:50: Toppled over as I stood up from loo. Luckily the wall caught my forehead. For some value of "luckily".
  • 15:24:52: I give up. Everything hurts to an average/total #paincount of at least 8 or 9. #cocodamol too and back to my adjustable #bed. ☹☠✇☁☤☢
  • 15:42:13: Have emailled MS neuro and MS nurse but don't have email addy for GP.
  • 16:09:31: Going to attempt stairs to see if a nice cold frozen Alpro yog will soothe my throat. iPhone needs charging too.
  • 16:22:49: #temp before frozen yog = 39 ℃
  • 17:09:53: In bed and burning up or out of bed and chilly. Heating should just have come on, though.
  • 17:20:00: …and now burning up again.
  • 17:30:43: Sweating so much my glasses keep steaming up. Damned fever.
  • 19:00:35: Before a #nap or going to #bed I always visit the #loo so my bladder lets me sleep. M forehead is becoming well acquainted with that wall.
  • 19:00:56: #nap now.
  • 23:18:44: #nurofen cold&flu #cocodamol #paincount in fingers, joints lungs =12 or more. feel like my chest has been spread-eagled. kill me please
  • 23:20:08: #meds4 too

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