January 15th, 2011


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  • 01:51:17: My arse does not like me at all today. I have been eating wheat recently and am now wishing I had eaten less although it was yummy…
  • 02:08:37: #colpermin and antacids (and #meds4). Hopefully that will calm my guts and the nausea.
  • 05:22:09: Yeah, #stillawake. Just had a brief heart arrhythmia (a lot faster for a few seconds) but okay now except residual coughing.
  • 06:02:09: Still feeling crap but off to #bed to try sleeping.

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Writer's Block: Everyday I write the book

Please always remember to check the tags when I do Writer's Block - some of my answers may be fiction!

If you were to write your autobiography, what would be the title?

I wrote the first volume of my autobiography when I was nine. I am now eighteen and up to volume seven. I don't expect it to ever be published but am considering self-publishing it using something like Lulu or Smashwords. I see here on Livejournal and elsewhere on the internet that self-publishing is getting more accepted as a way to get your words out there. I will have to work out how to market it myself, I suppose.

Anyway, "what would be the title?"

Currently volume one is entitled, The Foetus Awoke, and in it I wrote about how I became conscious and self-aware in the PseudoWomb that I was being gestated within. Apparently this is happening a lot more often these days and they are actually encouraging it but back then it was unheard of. I was the first.

The second volume is called Identity Creeps and contains the story of my search for identity, family and belonging within today's scientific, clinical and impersonal society. I wrote it when I was twelve and it covers my first five years as I learned as much as I could.

Devil's Third covers my sixth year, the title being a play on '6' being one third of the digits in the Devil's number, if you believe any of that ancient archaeology. I have just, in writing this, noticed that six is actually a third of my current age. I expect that the hypothetical ancients would have considered that to have some superstitious significance. I am glad that I live today and not in the past when, supposedly, religion and other superstitious *^$£$%@ was more important to most people than fact and science. Ugh - I am rambling now.

Do you really want me to tell you about the other volumes? Ah, maybe I will do so later on.

-- DR80BZ5

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