January 11th, 2011


From Twitter 01-10-2011

  • 06:06:00: Getting sleepy so off to #bed
  • 08:22:44: #stillawake If I stop reading my worry-panic-brain switches on and won't let me sleep. May as well get up and feed cats.
  • 10:02:11: Starting to feel sleepy again. Cats are fed and have eaten it all. Maybe I'll manage to sleep now without my thinky-panic brain stopping me?
  • 15:48:26: #wakingup
  • 23:16:48: 21℃ in here yesterday and 17℃ (with a pesky draft I cannot find) in here tonight. WINDY outside and COLD in here. May call for early night.
  • 23:25:14: Sharp pains in the bottom of my left foot as if someone is stabbing me with my copaxone needle. Repeatedly. At random time intervals.
  • 23:35:04: As if that was not enough, I am also developing a "invisible-person-stabbing-me-in-the-eye-repeatedly" headache. #cocodamol and #bed soon.
  • 23:36:14: I wish I knew where I had put my hot water bottles last year - somewhere safe, no doubt…

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An idea for LJ writer's block

I have just had an idea after filling in my latest Writer's Block answer. I could maybe use these often idiotic and rarely relevant to my life questions as fiction writing prompts as opposed to memoir writing prompts and answer the question(s) from the point of view of a fictional character. I am not saying that I will do this and I am not saying that I will use this LJ account (although I likely will, it being a permanent account - I would just need a ways to tag/flag them as fictional). I am merely saying that the idea is intriguing and tempting. I am even tempted to go back through the various LJ WB archives (qotdarchive.bml, writersblock, rpwritersblock and ljswritersblock) and do just this. It would get me writing again, I suppose…

Photos from my two trips to the Isles of Scilly

Another pummelvision video of some of my photos that you have all probably seen before:

YouTube - Photos from my two trips to the Isles of Scilly
"Made at http://pummelvision.com/ from my flickr set http://www.flickr.com/photos/natalief/sets/72157600604060134/"</a>

I am thinking of making a flickr set of my best photos there purely for the purposes of making a video from them. PummelVision cannot select more than one set, sadly, or use tags. Then again, I am also intending, one day, I hope, uploading more of the 1000s of photos I have on hard drives and DVDs that I have taken since I got my first DSLR…