January 2nd, 2011


From Twitter 01-01-2011

  • 02:05:01: Going to set an alarm for 1000 (linch at mum's again tomorrow) and try sleeping now. #bed
  • 02:10:07: LOL! s/linch/lunch/
  • 02:36:56: Turns out there was onion in the tinned Heinz soup, according to my guts. Oh yay.
  • 03:30:56: #stillawake
  • 06:05:39: Hubby just yelled out in his sleep. Yes, I am #stillawake #knitting and reading.
  • 07:05:04: I guess that I should try again to get some sleep between now and 1000. #bed
  • 11:56:11: Woke just before alarm as usual, snoozed it when it went off then slept through the subsequent repeats. #wakingup
  • 12:18:02: Am coughing like a coughing thing. Have made myself #tea at least. Still working out how human I feel.
  • 18:16:45: Home from lunch at mum's. Guts okay so far. Double vision still bad with some added vertigo. Maybe migraine. Was seeing sparkles last night…

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