December 26th, 2010


From Twitter 12-25-2010

  • 05:19:19: #stillawake but starting to feel sleepy. Finished two more knitted giftmas gifts.
  • 05:52:27: Off to #bed. Alarm set for 1000.
  • 06:43:06: #cannotsleep Worried about Smudge. She's still not eating but is at least drinking. It is bitterly cold in here tonight as well.
  • 22:13:58: Had a LONG #nap earlier but can't keep my eyes open despite 3 meals (none large) so off to #bed. Smudge is eating and seems more herself. ☺
  • 22:32:40: Cannot see straight/single so #bed is definitely the right plan. Keeping one eye closed gets tiring.
  • 22:33:55: #alarm set for 1000 again. Lunch at mum's tomorrow.

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