December 22nd, 2010


From Twitter 12-21-2010

  • 05:39:33: Made the mistake of loading up my email client for the first time in a few hours earlier on. Another panic attack about rent and bills. YAY.
  • 05:40:57: At least while unable to sleep or concentrate on much I have got a lot of knitting done which calms me down a bit. Wish it made money though
  • 06:28:35: Still unable to stop reading and knitting to try sleeping because as soon as I do my brain gets a chance to think and goes PANIC!!!1!1!one!!
  • 06:30:00: Taking some cocodamol though, because my head and eyes (especially the left one) are #paincount=8. Also using other calming measures…
  • 06:31:19: Currently my #stresspanicanxeity=9. Not been this high for a couple of years. Wishing that I did not have any imagination to think the worst
  • 08:26:50: Turns out the financial panic was headed off at the pass but I did not have all the info. Productive night of knitting though.
  • 08:29:40: Have got myself to a state of exhaustion, brain-blank and medication now such that I should be asleep before my head hits the pillow. #bed
  • 08:31:18: @mcglk thanks for the thoughts and apologies for worrying you. xx
  • 14:07:10: #wakingup
  • 16:06:38: A little warmer today at 17℃ but still full of cold with head and eye #paincount=7. #cocodamol
  • 17:59:48: #toohot! Still only 17℃ in here but have just eaten and that always makes me warmer. Then again, it might 'just' be the cold/fever.
  • 18:18:38: Sleepy now.
  • 18:44:25: #time for a #nap. ∗splat∗

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