December 21st, 2010

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Scarf preferences poll [take two]

I am knitting a scarf as a gift for a man. No, not hubby.
Its public Ravelry project is here and it uses this free pattern.

I know people prefer different lengths of scarf and so I thought I'd ask you all, using a poll, "What lengths of scarf do people like/prefer in a winter scarf?"

Poll #1659282 What are the ideal winter neck-scarf dimensions, in your opinion?

I think that a scarf should not be longer than this length (in/cm):

In my opinion a scarf is too short if it is shorter than this length (in/cm):

I identify and usually dress as (apologies for over simplification):

Other (or prefer not to say - yes, I know, these choices are not ideal)

Tickybox! Please add any more information/opinions in the comments.