December 20th, 2010


From Twitter 12-19-2010

  • 04:55:08: Starting to feel sleepy. Hot roibos #tea is helping.
  • 05:55:00: #bed ☃ ☕ ☾☽
  • 06:00:00: #toocold
  • 12:55:54: #wakingup
  • 14:53:15: Coughing, spluttering, sneezing and cold despite layers of clothes. May have to stop being productive and go back to bed. ☃☹❄❅❆
  • 14:58:01: 15℃ at my desk!
  • 14:59:51: Not even hot #tea is helping with the cold! ☃
  • 15:58:18: I give up. Way too cold even with two layers of clothes, hat, fleece buff and gloves on. Indoors. Coughing and sneezing. #lemsip24hr
  • 15:58:33: Going back to #bed to hopefully sleep until the heating comes on.
  • 16:33:32: Oh yay. Panic attack about rent and bills. ☹ ✖
  • 19:01:59: It does not bode well that the air outside the duvet and blanket pile is still cold two hours after hubby was going to turn the heating on.
  • 19:02:38: #wakingup #toocold
  • 19:31:35: Starting to warm up. Knowing my hypothalamus as I do, I will no doubt be #toohot soon. I had better get out of bed.
  • 19:46:21: Made it to the desk/chair only wobbling and almost falling once. Need more clothes. Still #toocold. Not up to stairs yet cats, sorry.

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