December 15th, 2010


From Twitter 12-14-2010

  • 01:04:15: #meal3 & #meds4 earlier and now #bed
  • 10:53:03: #wakingup
  • 12:33:45: Earlier, #copaxone RL 1035, #meds1, #meds2 and #meal1.
  • 14:03:57: Drink. Choke. Sneeze. *splat*
  • 15:08:26: I am okay while concentrating on walking or otherwise moving but as soon as I stop moving and try to stand still my head keeps moving…
  • 15:09:23: …in the same direction that I was moving and I teeter over. I can sometimes realise and catch myself before actually falling but not always.
  • 16:29:49: Feeling pretty ugh. This cold is still knocking me for six. Taking some #paracetamol and then taking a #nap.
  • 16:53:25: #toocold even under the duvet and four fleece blankets. Wish we could afford heating all day. Wish col did not kill my brain like heat does.
  • 16:54:18: Cos maybe then I'd be able to fill in forms and/or do something to earn money.
  • 18:02:53: Still awake because #toocold to sleep.

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