December 14th, 2010


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  • 00:25:01: Windy guts and feeling generally under the weather. Seem to have caught hubby's cold. Sneezing, sinus headache and sore throat/coughing #bed
  • 00:40:38: #nts try not to topple into the bath as you try to stand up from the loo.
  • 10:30:08: #wakingup Woken by cats that seem to be trying to tell me that they have not been fed.
  • 15:51:36: #copaxone LL 1120, #meds1 & #meds2, #meal1, #meal2. This cold is kicking my @r$3, though, so #nap now.
  • 15:51:55: P.S. #nausea.
  • 16:07:04: Extra strong mints (Trebor, of course) are helping a little vs. the #nausea
  • 16:34:46: #toocold so giving up trying to sleep. Putting on more clothes. Wondering: nausea due to something not in goat's cheese that isn't lactose?

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  • Mon, 16:39: Is it just me that finds Mark Yoshimoto Nemkoff's reading style strange and hard to listen to? Sentences seem to have stress in wrong places
  • Mon, 16:41: Re-listening to #MYN's #ShadowFallsBadlands before I listen to #ShadowFallsAngelOfDeath. Having to do so in small bursts (see above).
  • Mon, 16:42: #ShadowFalls itself (the first series) was much easier to listen to because it used voice actors.
  • Mon, 21:18: "Let’s Talk about Julian Assange. › BARCC Blog"
  • Mon, 22:54: "If you're not mature enough to treat consent like a continual process, you're not mature enough to be having sex." Truth
  • Mon, 22:55: "Let’s Talk about Julian Assange. › BARCC Blog" A clear and calm round-up (IMO) of the facts.
  • Tue, 12:13: Seen on LJ, quoted from else-twitter: "Westboro church attendees get to heaven, are only allowed to stand outside carrying signs." Indeed. ☠

[Cat Rescue Network!] USian cat lovers in CA or nearby

Black female cat needing rescue!
Read more here on
donnaricci is willing to drive up to four hours from Burbank, CA to put her in a new home. This covers most of the state of California, and part of Nevada.
The cat will need to be indoors only.

Also linked on that page is Juniper the cute black and white kitten, currently in Fredericksburg, VA and also needing a forever home.

Cat Rescue Network (of my LJFriends and any other readers), engage!

Also, please signal boost this if you know people in those areas!

If only we had room for more cats and I was not the other side of the pond…