December 1st, 2010


From Twitter 11-30-2010

  • 00:26:31: One of the muscles in my left inner thigh is in painful spasm/clench/cramp. Don't have any 'official anti-spastic drugs though. Herbal it is
  • 00:27:17: Also, have been alternating between #toocold and adding clothing layers and much #toohot now. Considering ice bath.
  • 00:29:45: I've just signed this petition to tell SAB Miller owners of Grolsch to pay their tax #tax #grolsch #fixedthebrokenurl
  • 00:39:20: Suffering from mind-reading and getting-it-right failure.
  • 00:41:17: While #paincount in my thigh is stabbing at about 8 and #toohot too. Brian meltdown, methinks. Onlny to be expected, in retrospect.
  • 00:50:55: Adding #cocodamol to the remedy raft.
  • 03:59:59: Listening to This Mortal Coil which is starting to help me feel sleepy.
  • 04:17:14: Off to #bed. Warmer tonight (or I am, anyway). Painkillers seem to have started working. Thigh muscle is still in spasm.
  • 10:37:58: #wakingup to a light snowfall
  • 11:04:29: #wobbly
  • 11:10:30: Moroccan Mint Green #tea
  • 15:54:06: Had miso soup and a pitta sandwich for brunch. More #tea too. Show is still coming down lightly but is melting as it falls. Colder now. #nap
  • 18:20:15: Woken from a #nap by Smudge who is insisting that it is FUDZ TIEM NAU! Um, NO! #wakingup

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