November 27th, 2010


Fascinating! It is more about nurture than nature!

The differences between rats that got licked a lot and those that got licked only a little do not emerge from differences in their genes. Meaney found that out in an experiment involving newborn rat pups. He took pups whose mothers who didn’t lick much and placed them with foster mothers who licked a lot, and vice versa. The pups’ experience with their foster mothers—not the genes they inherited from their biological mothers—determined their personality as adults.

The Brain: The Switches That Can Turn Mental Illness On and Off | Genes & Health | DISCOVER Magazine

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  • Thu, 16:05: "Not Always Right | Funny & Stupid Customer Quotes » Don’t Have A Cow Man" Oh yes. The secons customer *was* right! ;-p
  • Thu, 16:28: "The Insanity Virus | Mental Health | DISCOVER Magazine" Interesting 3 people in my family with schizophrenia. Both sides
  • Thu, 16:48: That last link actually connects a retrovirus to MS, schizophrenia and other conditions. Fascinating! BSc Biochemistry :)
  • Thu, 19:39: Have just discovered that I don't have 3.75mm tips for my interchangeable needles. Adding to wishlist & hope to get gauge with 3.5mm or 4mm.