November 23rd, 2010


From Twitter 11-22-2010

  • 05:42:53: Off to #bed
  • 10:00:20: I seem to be #wakingup - forgot earplugs again. Oh well, 4 hours > 0.
  • 14:23:24: #nap Wasn't going to but then body said, "Sleep! Now! Or! Else!!!!1!" *splat*
  • 17:08:23: #wakingup again.
  • 20:26:49: Need #wishlist: an adult non-tip or non-spill sippy-cup (I use a Camelbak for iced water) that I can use for soda or hot drinks.
  • 20:28:04: #nts: Just because the cup will not tip over (wider base than top and has a lid and you drink through that, …
  • 20:28:50: … if you tip it up too much while drinking you *WILL* end up wearing its contents be they hot, scalding, warm, icy or fizzy.

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"How to Deal with Magic Interfering in Technology"

This article is very interesting given my documented1 ability to kill electronic devices by walking into the room they are in and hubby's "magic fingers" that mean whatever computer he is called out to fix will likely (not every time - not if it is mine, for example!) instantly be working when he walks into the room:

The Wordsmith's Forge - How to Deal with Magic Interfering in Technology

1I will do my best to write more about this one day. Soon, I hope.
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