October 31st, 2010


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From a comment else-LJ

From a comment on a f-locked LJ post elsewhere (and so out of context):
I am trying to write my stories before I forget them. I have already forgotten most of my grandparents' and great-half-aunt's (mum's half sister's mum but also mum's mum's cousin = mum's dad's first wife (and his cousin too)) stories. Also, I do not have children to pass them on to. I am conscious that if I write them then the children my brother is hoping to have might find them interesting. Part of me wants to be able to talk to my mum about her stories but I am currently unable to find the spoons to deal with her at all…
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Questions and answers post

Half asleep here with a mounting weather-headache. Trying to find things to keep me awake.

I was pondering doing one of those open-to-anyone, viewable-by-only-me poll/memes where I ask people to ask me questions and/or tell me secrets. However, I find myself never answering them in poll format myself (the largest edit boxes are way too small) and so, instead, am going to do this as a "Screen all comments" LJ post. I will not reply or un-screen unless you tell me that "it is okay to un-screen/reply" in your comment.

I will answer some/all of the questions in separate posts (unless you tell me you only want a reply by PM or email, in which case I will do my best to get around to it but promise nothing). I am using questions asked here (and on my Formspring, of course - feel free to ask me questions over there as well) as blogging prompts. Any secrets you tell me here will remain screened (unless you tell me that "it is okay to un-screen/reply" in your comment, of course). So;

  1. Ask me anything.

  2. Tell me anything.
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My wishlist

I will be trying to keep this up to date and/or reposting it every now and then. If you do not want to get me anything for eXmas/XholidayX then you do not have to bother reading this. If you do then this might be helpful/useful! Yes, this is early but I am starting to be asked by family what I want for xmas…

N.B. I really don't like pink, in case that affects any decisions you might make!

Let me know if you need better links or info. Many of you can get to my contact info via my LJ userinfo. If you would like to send me something and cannot view my contact info, let me know here and/or email me.

If there is anything I might be able to do for you, please do link your wishlist or leave a comment.

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