October 30th, 2010

pixelasleep, sleep

Written as I laid down for a nap

Written using old technology - pen and paper [added text/comments in braces]:
Retreating from life and noise overload under duvet and earplugs I am reminded that, had I had as much noisy, unrestrained and boisterous fun when I was her age [ed: 11] as Maya downstairs is having with her friend(s) [ed: on her garden trampoline], mum would have yelled at me [ed: to "Shut up!"], slapped me, or both. Then I [also] remember (and regret) that this is [indeed] what would have happened.
So, in one breath I am an 'angry old woman' [of 43] screaming at kids to "Get off my lawn!!" [ed: no lawn and only screaming in my head] and, in the next breath, I am jealous of the fun they are having [and that her mum does not try to stop unbridled fun like mine would have].
Mixed up much? Yes, yes I still am.