October 24th, 2010


From Twitter 10-23-2010

  • 05:39:14: Have been reading M C A Hogarth's "Worth of a Shell" and so am still awake.
  • 14:11:27: Awful weather out there (as all night).
  • 23:20:18: RT @Tor87: My BBC article about life on the list :) Please pass it on spread the word http://bbc.in/9ZFXVe & sign here http://tinyurl.co ...
  • 23:22:41: @Tor87 Sadly I am not allowed to donate organs or even blood because I have multiple sclerosis. used to be on the register before diagnosis.
  • 23:40:38: "Timeless: Warm Cats, Cold City - NYTimes.com" http://j.mp/aepcus 'If you want to improve circulation, run cat pictures.'

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