October 17th, 2010


From Twitter 10-16-2010

  • 04:39:12: Sleepy - off to #bed. Had a weird day of being unsure of myself and others' reactions to me. No wonder prefer to I spend so much time alone.
  • 13:48:03: #wakingup for the second time. Staying awake is proving to be easier said than done.
  • 19:13:44: Earlier: #meds1, #meds2 and #copaxone LH 1510.
  • 23:32:29: My joints either hate damp weather and stab me in protest or they live it and throw a party. With a bonfire in each joint. And fireworks.
  • 23:34:03: *love it. Either way, #paincount=7. #cocodamol once I get more ice.
  • 23:45:02: Took #meds4 after dinner at about 2200.

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