October 16th, 2010


From Twitter 10-15-2010

  • 02:22:09: #followfriday @HaikuDiem @natdaylog @mssocietyuk @MSTrust @Dr_Black @MyWOTDcom @wheresbenefit @Queen_UK @ScrivenerApp @postsecret @gwenzilla
  • 04:16:04: "HOUSE CLEANING • by Rasmenia Massoud | Every Day Fiction - The once a day flash fiction magazine." http://j.mp/aSqvXx Powerfull and too apt
  • 14:51:18: RT @kimifan: Fake(+)(+) Perfect (o)(o) Perky (*)(*) Cold (^)(^) Grandma's \./\./ Big ( @ )( @ ) or small (.)(.) Save them all!Breast Can ...
  • 15:45:07: Ask me anything http://formspring.me/nataliesford - I do not promise long answers but sometimes I might just write and write!
  • 15:47:06: #fridayreads I am reading the intarwebz! I will never run out of words to read that way. Also, many #webfiction web-fics, too many to tweet!
  • 15:48:41: I can see that I need to do a blog/LJ post with a roundup of the #webfiction that I read. That way I could link to it for #fridayreads ;-p

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