September 21st, 2010

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Childhood diaries

rm linked to "Girl on a Whaleship! In 1868 a six-year-old girl went with her family on a 3-year whaling voyage and kept a journal, now scanned in and available online."

The diary entries remind me of the diary that I wrote the year we sent in the US when I was 5-6 (.PDF download). My infants teacher in the UK suggested that mum got me to write a diary paragraph every day while we were in the US because they were concerned that I would be in kindergarden and not in school, as I was in the UK. I guess they were worried that I would get behind and that my spelling would "suffer".

I am, though, forever grateful that mum made me write these diary entries — it has helped to me remember the time we spent over there.
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Childhood freedoms

Further to a comment thread on a public post by rm where she links to an article about child safety when going places, I have added a couple of comments and am pondering this issue.

"This. Me too. Oversheltered and stifled as a child (for theUK in the 70s, that is, which was much more permissive than these days, of course). I am glad that I had more freedoms than kids do today but my mum still asks me how I can travel to London on my own and/or walk in the woods on my own.

I have just had a sudden thought and wonder if she had a bad experience as a kid - that said she was a farm girl in a Buckinghamshire village with a well connected, smallholding-owning and local councillor father. Maybe when we are talking again I will ask her about this! ;-p"

I cannot imagine not having had the childhood that I had. I was allowed to play in the street if mum knew who I was with and that I would stay close. I was allowed to walk to the nearest shop which was at least a mile away as long as I was with a friend and/or had the dog with me. Even then (late 70s, early 80s) there were tales f stranger danger but, as the article rm links to states, most danger to kids/women is from people we know and/or relatives. Not strangers. Private vehicle accidents not public transport or walking. Even these days. *ponders*

I will try to make a more coherent post about this at some point, possibly with some relevant memoirs.

Those of you with kids, what do you all think about this? Those of you in the teaching/caring/social services professions?

ETA: Another thought: much of the danger that I was exposed to and experienced as a child was from bullying — children to, from and at school and my family life. The 'kid' bullying started at around age seven and continued until I was at university. It was both physical and mental/emotional but, then again, so was the home-life stuff and so I came to expect it. *ponders more*

P.S. This userpic is me when I was about six in my paternal grandparents' garden.