September 10th, 2010


Just a quick post.

Some of you may have read on Twitter or in my Twitter posts here that hubby and I were in an RTA Wednesday. We were on our way to my 6 month MS Neurologist checkup. It was storming down with rain. I had been knitting in the passenger seat earlier but, thankfully, had put down the nickel plated metal 2 mm diameter needles and knitting (a sock, magic-loop, using a 2 mm knitpicks 80 cm circ).

Hubby needed to stop suddenly as the people in front of us stopped. He braked. The car aquaplaned and does not have ABS (it is an old T reg. fiesta). We slammed into the car in front probably still doing about 40 mph. That car slammed into the car in front of it. Both were stationary.

Hubby's airbag deployed. and he has bruises from that, the seatbelt and the steering wheel. My seatbelt did a perfect job and, as I sit with the seat positioned as far back as possible for legroom, I did not hit the dashboard. There is no airbag on the passenger side of Fiestas this age. My years of Trampolining paid off as the "go floppy if you are falling" reflex kicked in. My legs, arms and head flopped forwards with my torso restrained by the seatbelt. All that hit the dash was my left hand in a fist, mostly the knuckle where my left pinky meets my hand. I think my right knee may have glanced on the central column as well but there is no pain there (for once!).

All three cars managed to drive off the road (dual carriage-way - we were in the overtaking / right lane) to a lay-by that was conveniently right there to out left. Hubby got out of the car to do the insurance-details-swapping-dance with the other two (female) drivers. The police and an ambulance were also called. I stayed in the car doing the injury self-assessment thing that I have learned to do over those years of trampolining. I assessed that it was mainly bruises and that nothing seemed broken. Soon after that my pinky started to hurt.

As a person with MS, once the ambulance came it was decided that I should go to A&E to get assessed. Hubby came along in the ambulance and another "bus" was called for the driver of the middle car who was walking around but had some lumbar back pain. Once at the hospital (where hubby and I had been going anyway! He phoned them to let them know why we would be late if we made it to my appointment at all) I was gurneyed through to triage and seen within about 10 minutes. Hubby was also done in triage (via the main waiting room) once I made it to the waiting room on a wheeled chair (we can't call their A&E chairs wheelchairs because they are awful to wheel/drive/push - worse than those awful old supermarket shopping trolleys that refuse to go forwards!). We then went back again (after hubby had taken some ibuprofen and paracetamol that they brought - I had already taken ibuprofen and cocodamol that day (thank crikey!) and so they could give me tramadol but I had refused it for then) and met a lovely lady doctor that was very helpful and thought we should x-ray my pinky.

I called the neurology department while waiting for the xray and I have been reassigned an October appointment. I am a bit gutted because I had been hoping that I could be given Sativex so that I no longer have to source less legal herbs. Ah well, I have some for now and so it can wait.

The x-ray showed a small crack at the base of the pinky bone (carpal) that joints to the main hand. My fingers were strapped together (photos in various places) and I was offered 5 days tramadol (which they do not usually do - and I know I will only take if the pain is dire - I have only taken two I think). Lovely triage nurses, Ambulance Technicians, x-ray techs and doctors.

A 6 am alarm call for this?! ;-p

Typing is possible but slow because I never learned how to touch-type with all eight fingers and both thumbs. I use three fingers on each hand and mainly my right thumb and look at the keyboard as I type. I was very fast at this all ten years of my programming career. Now that my left pinky finger is taped to my left ring finger, I am still able to type with that ring ringer if slightly slower than usual.

I can also left-hand mouse because I mainly use my first and second/middle fingers. That means, in theory, that I can play WoW but I have not bothered trying. I am sleeping a LOT. I had forgotten how many spoons (Spoon Theory) being in pain and shaken-up uses up.

ETA: Oh! I forgot to add! I have taught myself to knit with two fingers and thumb only on my left hand! I usually knit using my whole hand and it is much slower this way, but at least I can still keep my hands and mind busy.

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