August 17th, 2010


I need your help creating a school age/year/grade translation table

I spend quite a lot of time having to convert, in my head, USian grades, UKian year numbers or AUSian year numbers to the school year structure that I know more intuitively because it is what I experienced as a child/teen in the 70s-90s. I started Infants 1 at age 4, spent my 6th year (age 5) in the US at kindergarten and then back in the UK. I read on LJ about your kids in the US/AUS and hear about my nieces and nephews in the UK now and cannot translate the current year/grade numbering systems into ages or numbers that I understand. I do remember that back in the 70s kids started grade school at age 6 and so have assumed that Grade 1 - age 6, but I am sure that this may be out of date.

So, can you guys help me to fill in this table? I may need to add a column for AUS if it differs from the UK system now.

AgeUKian 80sUKian nowUSian
4-5-6Infants 1st yearYear ?Grade ?
6-7Infants 2nd year??
7-8Juniors 1st year??
8-9Juniors 2nd year??
9-10Juniors 3rd year??
10-11Juniors 4th year??
11-12Seniors 1st year/form??
12-13Seniors 2nd year/form??
13-14Seniors 3rd year/form??
14-15Seniors 4th year/form??
15-16Seniors 5th year/form??
16-17Lower 6th form??
17-18Upper 6th form??
18-19Uni 1st year (freshers)??
19-20Uni 2nd year??
20-21Uni 3rd year??
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