July 27th, 2010

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[UPDATED] Crash dieting, eating disorder and metabolism

I was reading naamah_darling's post, "I'm a fat, crazy bitch! But at least I still have all my fingers!" and the great comments and sharing that ensued (and, yes, I am a week behind reading LJ) when I came to this comment which has some great practical health and diet advice. I probably should get around to writing about my crash dieting, family fat-shaming and current weight sometime but, for now, I could have written this comment.

Also, the Minnesota Starvation Experiment which naamah_darling refers to is some seriously fucked-up shit!! and is where the 'fingers' reference comes from in her post's title.

Maybe when I can process this (and when I have got around to writing about vision/glasses/fresnels/migraines and other such annoyances and inconveniences in my life right now), I will try to write about my own history with weight and fitness and how it is still an ongoing issue for me, what with family fat-shaming being ongoing and also playing as a constant repeat-loop in my mind.

ETA: This comment is also fascinating!

The BMI was created as a statistical tool to figure out different populations' average builds. Therefore, it does not apply on lone individuals. Seeing how it doesn't take bone size or quantity of muscle in consideration, it's almost useless as a way to figure out whether a person's overweight or not. Now, if you want to figure out whether Inuit are stockier than Masai, the BMI's the tool for the job. If you want to figure out whether someone is overweight, you need to properly measure the amount of fat in their bodies. The BMI correlates with that, but the correlation breaks down for anyone of non-average build. Also, just because someone is overweight doesn't mean that they have to lose that weight at all costs. Sometimes the costs are unpayable. {imaginaryprison}

Also: http://www.slate.com/id/2223095/pagenum/all/#p2
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