June 28th, 2010

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On awaking from a nap

I seem to spend most of my time in dreams trying to persuade officials and those in command that what they have decreed makes no sense and would be idiotic for me to obey. I am sure that someone — a psychologist or some-such — could tell me what my dreams mean. I can rarely remember my dreams for long after waking up and, if I read anything or think about a particular subject, the dream-memory evaporates.

In many of my dreams I can fly/float. I would call it flying but there is no physical process involved. I think up and I go up. I think of my destination and I glide towards it in the air. The closest thing I can think of to the sensation would be floating on water but in three dimensions and with thought-guided movement. Maybe my mind has known for years that I would end up more and more disabled. I have been dreaming like that for as long as I can remember.

One set of serialised/repeating dreams that I can remember from my childhood were set in my maternal grandparents' large old house and garden. In one 'chapter' the house was on fire and I had to balance on the few remaining floorboards and stairboards to get around. I had to get to a certain room to rescue someone or something but then I would suddenly be three inches tall like Alice (my favourite books at the time).

In another I was accompanied by Teakie (Teeky? Teakey? I never saw them write it down and so am not sure how they would have spelled it), their tame hand-reared fox in waking life, who could now, in the dreams, speak and walk on two legs. Yay for anthropomorphising dreams based on Disney cartoons. We were always running away from something or towards something that we were late for.

The dream in this latest nap (which I can already not remember with any solidity) was a continuation of one I had overnight. It involved some university or similar place of living and studying and how they were rebuilding areas and places/things were no longer where they used to be. Also they kept changing the rules and not posting them or letting us know — e.g. what we were allowed to wear, what subjects we could study and what types of books / authors we were allowed to read. As you can imagine, this made doing assignments particularly tricky when these rules would change every few hours. In retrospect, now awake, it smacked of the Mad Hatter's tea party in the books. Alice again.

I may not suffer from temporal lobe epilepsy as Alice did in reality (the daughter of the books' authour) and as at least one of my LJFriendsList does and who have more claim to likening their lived to that of Alice, but I do seem to take the part of Alice a lot in my dreams; trying to be logical and rational in the face of madness and insanity on the part of officialdom. My dream-life, if not my awake-life, is often spent in Underland/Wonderland.

Ah - I am rambling. Time to stop - I have a comment on a previous post to reply to. Said the White Rabbit, looking at his watch.

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