June 27th, 2010

cornfield, wheat, field

Thoughts from the garden

It seems that, despite being B4R0K3N! I am still able to sit cross legged on a blanket on the grass and nestle my netbook between my knees to type. I can still throw a frisbee for Sam with either hand/arm (whilst trying to persuade him to give up and lie down because it is SO hot and he is not the puppy that he thinks he is) and I can, if I keep out of the sun and sit down as often as I can, take photos and derive the same enjoyment from doing so that I used to.

I want to try to get out more often with my D40x at home. Not only is it cooler anywhere else than my room, fresh air and taking photos is good for my soul. If only there were not two flights of stairs down between my room and the outside, at home. I would also need to make sure that I sat down a lot. Easier said than done in the woods, for example.
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