May 28th, 2010


Two deleted tweets about WoW

  • Raiding(WoW) as healer stresses me out and even raiding as dps is exhausting. Not being able to speak on vent makes it even worse.

  • Raiding(WoW) will not be for me any longer with this guild, it seems, coz the lower level raids are at night. Ah well. Time to level alts.

So, the guild is called <Just A Game> but they (well, one person TBH) do not understand that RL>WoW (real life comes before World of Warcraft) and that "It's a guild rule" does not gel with the guild name AT ALL. If I get sick and have to log out, there is nothing I can do about it.

Yes, time for a break from WoW, methinks - or at least from raiding. Well, at least from raiding with that person. Also, I will have to try to make sure I have been to all instances to learn tactics before raiding with them at night (when I am mainly online TBH) because of needing to use ventrilo (a voice chat app like skype for multiple people at once) to learn tactics and what will happen in the next encounter but needing not to wake up hubby and neighbours.

WTB (want to buy) a guild of mature WoW players that all speak English clearly on vent. Yes, I know people have accents. I also know that I cannot understand people a lot of the time even if they do *not* have accents.

I guess I should try to find something else I can do instead of WoW. Problem is that I DO enjoy most of WoW and it is a HUGE part of my almost non-existent social life.

Comments disabled. I am just splurging my thoughts onto 'paper'. Maybe once I have the thoughts more coherently organised and realised I will post about this again. Maybe not.

Comic mashup

Can you tell I am brain-dead today? This Sinfest webcomic is not particularly relevant to my interests or situation these days, thank-whatever, but I know some of you might get a kick out of it:

From which I made the following:

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