May 8th, 2010


Writer's Block: Take me to your leader!

Do you believe in UFOs? Do you have a gut dis/belief or do you rely on empirical proof?

I see no reason why there would not be other intelligent life in the universe(s). I do see it as pretty unlikely that they would be interested enough in us to buzz our small wet insignificant lump of rock and do nothing more. If they were interested in us surely they would come and see / speak to us? Honestly, though, we are likely to be mere ants to a more intelligent race and would be rivals (and so enemies) to an equally intelligent race. No, looking at the way evolution works on randomness and chance, it is much more likely that the Earth is not only the only planetoid out there with life as we know it but that there is no other life of any kind and we (the Earth) are a mere mistake in the cosmos. YMMV of course.

This does, however, bring me back to the thoughts I have been mulling this evening - about how I love to read and learn and am constantly forming new opinions and experiencing new ideas online. I used to enjoy doing that F2F at university. Not since my days at York Uni doing my BSc (and a few scattered hours since) have I been able to share this kind of discussion and contemplation. Most (but not all) F2F friends and family seem to already have their opinions and philosophies fixed in stone and are not comfortable exploring other possibilities.

I do miss staying up all night talking about "what if"s and having other light hearted "it won't kill us to imagine and explore possibilities and alternatives" discussion. Yes, to us they were light hearted but deep debates. They never changed the world but sometimes changed some minds. Almost never did it dissolve into argument, recrimination and taking things personally and even then it was usually because it was a subject more close to the bone than those late 80s theoretical and philosophical speculations.

I guess, as in many other things, I have to resign myself to having these discussions (and/or reading them) online in the depths of the night. What is left of my searching and inquisitive mind will have to be content with a more nebulous existence. Oh, what would we 80s thinkers have thought of where I and the world have come to now? Are any of us where we would have hoped to be, doing what we had expected to be doing? I have more that I may write about that some other time.