April 20th, 2010


"What the F*** is 'genderqueer'?"1

There was a secret posted on this LJSecrets post about how the poster did not understand what 'genderqueer' means. I know that many people do not understand this - usually people who mistrust anything that society does not designate "normal". Anyway, this is a link to the reply comment thread on that post. The link at the top of the thread is to the image/secret that the original poster (OP) posted. If you wonder what 'genderqueer' means, please read. If you know what it means because you identify as such, please consider commenting.

LiveJournalSecret - Secrets #1080; thread=176523178

Personally, I have never felt feminine. I hate pink and frilly. I have always been a tomboy. I used to wish, as a child, that I was a boy and could more easily do things that society said boys could do but girls could not. I had a crush on a girl at about the age of nine. I have always been bicurious although never done anything about it - and these days with my libido all but erased by the MonSter, I am unlikely to do anything about it. My mind fluctuates between feeling masculine and feeling feminine, usually feeling more neuter than either. I can find both men and women sexually attractive. I identify as cisgendered, straight and female. I am married to a wonderful man. I am happy and content with my life and do not wish to change gender or anything else of the kind.

I do not know what this means is the label that would define me - then again I do not feel comfortable with needing a label. I am me.

1 The subject line of this post was actually said to me a while ago when I mentioned something I had read on LJ. What they actually said was, "WTF is genderfluid?" but this post is not about genderfluidity and so I have paraphrased. ;-p