March 26th, 2010

argh, mini-diablo, diablo

Not at all subtle if you ask me!

Top 10: Subtle Ways To Tell Her She's Getting Fat -

More like "Top 10 ways to get dumped for someone who is more caring!"

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I have a few comments / responses:
a) Skinny women without curves are not as soft to cuddle and do not have as much interestng flesh to play with.
b) I guess I should try to find a womens online-mag to see a corresponding "how to tell your bloke he is fat" article - oh, wait, no, because we would never be this cruel and heartless!
c) Responses to each item:
10. You buy her clothes?
9. You expect her to take a yoga class at your sayso?
8. Lying to her about your reason for a fitness plan is not tact. If you need to lose weight and want to do so for yourself then all well and good. If she expects you to lose weight for her then that is as ad as you wanting her to lose weight for you and not for herself!
7. You serve her up food portions? Whilst my hubby cooks for me, I would expect that I am in a smaller group of women than those who have to do all of the cooking and cleaning while their men watch TV!
6. If the woman is happy as she is, the fatty foods are not a "current problem".
5. Making her flinch in discomfort and embarrassment is hardly loving now, is it?
4. Why do you have a say in what she wears? How dare you?!
3. Do not be surprised when she refuses to have her photograph taken with you. You have made her feel so ugly and insignificant by now and would never want her photograph taken again, with you or with anyone!
2. …especially if you are going to use the photgraphs to make her feel even more uncomfortable!
1. Now you are making me REALLY angry! How dare you assume that you have the right to force her to go anywhere, let alone force her to wear a swimsuit?

Miogynistic online mens magazine is misogynistic, much?! Yes, the "you" in my above responses does not refer to any man, woman or person in particular. It refers to the nebulous group of people/men that might read that article and then act on it, thinking it to be a good way to behave towards a woman. My reply? NO!!!

Link found in the comments thread to a post over at naamah_darling. It is no responsibility of hers or of mine.