March 24th, 2010


Daily blogging?

A number of my LJFriends (people whose LiveJournals I read on my LJ reading list / "friend's page") make a post every day using an outline or template that they fill in with the relevant information as it stands as they are writing. I am wondering if I might be able to try to do something like this. I do know that, as soon as I try to make "resolutions" like this I manage to follow through with them for a week or two but, as soon as I miss a day for whatever reason, I give up and do not bother to carry on.

I made a few goals for 2010 and have not managed to keep them all going. I wonder if making this a goal/resolution might be setting myself up for failure, yet again. I am trying to learn that missing one day if not failure per se and that I should just get back on the horse and carry on. Not that I have ever ridden. Trampolining and cycling, yes. Horses, no.

Anyway, I am still debating what subtitles/sections to have in my daily posts by looking at other peoples and brainstorming how they might fit with me and my life. I am also probably going to add some others.

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What do you think? Do you do something like this? Can you think of any other headings/subjects that you would be interested to see me write about every day? Are there too many headings here (bearing in mind that I would delete the ones that I do not use on any particular day)?

Edited To Add (Wed 24 March, 2010; 23:45) from a comment I made below:
You said you've noticed other people doing this, do you read them all, and every day?

I do read them all (and four of five of my LJFriends do it) but not every day because I don't always have the spoons to read LJ every day - but I always do read them eventually.

It is more a way that I might be able to keep some record of stuff and I have no secrets so people can read if they want and scroll past if they don't.

Just my opinion, of course, but daily posts containing the same kind of information lose their impact for me.

I know my life is pretty boring and repetetive but I am hoping that this might get me blogging again. I am also hoping that I might find the out of the ordinary stuff to write about if I make myself think about these things. I usually go through life in a blur of warped time and sensations. Anything that can make me look at each moment a little more can only be good for me in the long run.

I had hoped that writing in the paper diary would manage this for me. I lasted about two months with that. I think.

What is MS?

Copied and pasted from within a friends-locked post (with permission) by lazscott:

MS occurs when the body attacks its central nervous system (CNS). The nerves’ protective sheath is not fully repaired, leading to scarring, which causes problems with signal transmission and nerve death. Because the CNS is damaged, every bodily system is affected.

MS affects each person differently, but we share two difficulties. One is fatigue, MS fatigue. The other has to do with heat exposure. (Before MRI devices, a test for MS involved putting a person in a hot tub for 20 minutes.)

Fatigue is the result of declining physical resources. I am like an inefficient rechargeable battery. It takes me a long time to recharge, and I never reach full capacity.

Heat exposure is the more dangerous of the two. I learned this a few summers back when I ended up in the emergency room. Don’t want this to happen again.

Difficulties start from the inside. The damaged brain must work harder than a healthy one, generating extra heat my body’s thermostat cannot handle. Without external cooling, such as air conditioning, heat increases, causing systemic problems. Heat buildup interferes with walking, speaking, demeanor, and cognition. These are the visible problems.

This chronic illness is not fatal, but it is progressive. There is much more about MS I could write about.

My icon here is the logo of the UK's MS Society.
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"Talk Deeply, Be Happy?"

From: Talk Deeply, Be Happy? - Well Blog -

“It’s not that easy, like taking a pill once a day,” Dr. Mehl said. “But this has always intrigued me. Can we make people happier by asking them, for the next five days, to have one extra substantive conversation every day?”

I found this article very thought provoking. When I am at home I spend most of my time in front of the mac knitting and reading. I might talk at the cats and hubby and I may have a short conversation or two in the evening about what to have for dinner and how his day went. Not the diet of discussion and conversation that this writer suggests would be ideal.

I have noticed, however, that I do feel much more relaxed and content - happy? - when I stay at my brother's or aunt's, both of whom enjoy in depth discussions about everything and anything, as do I. I had thought that the relaxation and happiness was gained by a change of scene and air but I now wonder if it is also due to a change in conversation.

Food for thought - or for discussion!
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Yay (NOT!) for WoW patch day! :(

Patch day for World of Warcraft. Good? NO!

My post to the forums (as Jadieh):


I am running the mac client on OSX 10.5 and using an iPhone Authenticator.


I typed in my password (account name saved already) and hit enter. Then the authenticator number entry window appeared and I typed that in and hit enter. I got taken to the list of servers that I have toons on. I selected Dragonblight and hit enter. I saw the Dragonblight character screen, no characters in the list and a message saying "You have been disconnected from the Server. (OK)"

When I clicked the OK button I was taken back to the login screen. Now there were three entry boxes as advertised in the patch notes and my username/email was saved and filled in. I typed my password and authenticator key and hit enter. This time it went straight to the Dragonblight screen with no characters listed and the same error message displayed.

After seven or eight attempts at this (all of which gave the same results as the second instance above) I have given up, for now. It is now 14:22 UK time.


When will I be able to play WoW on Dragonblight? Please email or replay asap.

I am guessing that something did not go according to plan with the patch - or maybe that the patch was not fully tested with authenticators. If there is any more information I can give you to help with diagnosing and fixing this problem, please do let me know. As you may be able to tell, I used to be a programmer and QA.

P.S. I have already removed all of my addons so please don't suggest that I do that! ;-p

Their reply:

As noted by Snow, there seems to be some issues with PPC based Mac's, the issue is currently under investigation.

Some of the suggestions in the following thread may help in the meantime.

My reply (as Lyrana):

I did not even consider that it might be a Mac or WiFi issue. My mac is a PPC (DualG5) and I play on broadband over WiFi. There is no way to hard wire to the Airport - it is on the stairs!

P.S. The steps suggested in the article linked do not help one bit. Still exactly the same behaviour. I hope we get the number of days play time refunded to us that it takes to fix this problem - some mac users will be letting their guilds down on saved raids as well! :(

I guess I am taking a break from WoW then! :(

ETA: No more blue (Blizzard Official) response on my thread but there was a reply from someone quoting a blue response on the US forums. Here is my reply:

To re-quote your blue quote:

[quote]The fix for both the PPC issue and the Macbook Pro (8600M graphics)+10.4.11 should be released in a matter of days, not weeks. The fixes are still being tested internally and have to go through that process before we can release them so it's hard to give an exact date. Our target is in the next few days though (as soon as we can). [/quote]

I know my DualG5 is not the newest and shiniest but this is ridiculous! They should have tested the patch with all platforms that they support - and if they were to stop supporting PPC macs they would have a LOT of angry people out here that have paid for account time and cannot play because they cannot afford an intel mac.

Anyway - just replying again to the thread that I started (as Jadieh) to say that I will be checking every now and then (and going through Dungeon Finder random HCs withdrawal) but not holding my breath…
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