March 5th, 2010


Still trying to decide

I still cannot decide what to do with all the stuff I am writing. Mostly it is anecdotes and memories with some 'thinky' contemplative stuff. Some is poetry and some I have posted already. I am not writing every day but am trying to write 100 words or more with no more than 3 days "off" — the latter allows for downtime due to my MonSter(s). It is rarely fiction. Some of it is waffly-wibbly-wobbly (non-timey-wimey!) ponderings. Some may be of interest to others. I keep thinking that I should post everything that I write — what is the point of writing (and taking photos) if nobody ever reads it (or looks at them)?

I keep coming back to how to make this stuff available forever after I am gone. How to have some presence forever. I do not want to be forgotten and I know that some of you will not forget me (and I am not planning on going anywhere yet!) but what about in the next generation or future generations? Then I think that I don't care after all and that we all disappear from the collective memory eventually. The Leo in me wants to be as memorable as Einstein or Shakespeare — how egotistical of me! I always go back and forth, arguing both sides — the ultimate devil's advocate to myself.

I also have a drive inside me to share what I know and teach people things. I want to video myself knitting and show some of the things that I have learned and/or worked out for myself. I don't have kids but would love to pass on the knitting bug.

Then there is the small part of me that hope some of what I write might help someone and that I might get a tip or two in my PayPal tip-jar. If only there was a "Tip-Jar" graphic available at PayPal and not just the needy-sounding "Donate". I wonder if PayPal would mind me replacing the graphic with my own.

So, yet another screed of wibble. I guess this counts as writing something today - I will wordcount it later once I copy and paste it to Scrivener from Xjournal.

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