March 3rd, 2010


"Share three good things about your life right now."

I am alive.
Well, it is better than the opposite, even if there is sometimes discomfort or pain from my various medical conditions. I love my life these days and have been able to come to terms with doing what I am able to do without regretting or mourning what I have had to stop doing — well I try to do so less often, anyway.

My brother and his girlfriend.
I have just spent five nights staying at their house, spending time with them and their dogs. Relaxation and discussion was had and it has been respite for me, hubby and also fun for them. They live in a single floor property in a tiny village and it is a huge change in the pace of life from this "flat" with two flights of stairs in a busy town area (even if this is not as busy as living in a city!).

The internet.
Without the internet I would not have a social life. I am cooped up on the top floor of this "flat" most of the time and rarely see anyone other than hubby or the cats from one day to the next. With the internet I am able to play social games like World of Warcraft, keep an online journal on, re-awaken my interests in knitting and writing and live life vicariously through the writing and photographs on other people's journals and blogs.

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Insomnia : The Frontal Cortex

Insomnia is ultimately a side-effect of our consciousness, the price we pay for being so incessantly self-aware. It is, perhaps, the quintessential human frailty, a reminder that the Promethean talent of the human mind -- this strange ability to think about itself -- is both a blessing and a burden.

Insomnia : The Frontal Cortex

I think I am going to subscribe to this blog on LJ. I found it via this article on depression that he wrote for the New York Times.