February 25th, 2010


Writer's Block: Arts v. smarts

Given the choice, would you prefer to be a world-class (visual or performing) artist or an intellectual genius? Which, in your opinion, would facilitate a more fulfilling career and social life?

In my opinion and experience, the two are not mutually exclusive and neither is a guaranteed recipe for success or happiness. I am here after reading naamah_darling's reply to this Writer's Block and it and the comments that her readers added is recommended reading IMHO.

I also added a comment in reply to another commenter:

Strangely enough, my disability is part of what has lightened my burden of 'must change the world'.

This. I was just thinking that my MS made it possible/neccessary for me to stop doing the job that I hated (programmer) and start living the life that I love (knitting, reading, learning and thinking all for no real purpose). I was what is now called gifted at school but there was no such thing as a gifted programme in the UK in those days.