January 30th, 2010


Supermarket parking limits 'breach' disability laws

BBC News - Supermarket parking limits 'breach' disability laws

I fell foul of this once at Sainsbury's in Horsham back when I was still able to drive myself to a supermarket on my own. As it was, the guy checking tickets at the barrier was going to charge me but then saw my disabled badge and waved me through. I have a feeling that that was the unofficial policy at that store even if not at that supermarket chain. I did not even need to argue with him. ;-p

"In search of Stieg Larsson"

BBC News - In search of Stieg Larsson

Interesting! When I bought my Sony Reader in our local Waterstones, the woman serving me recommended "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" as a 'Must Read' book and I have always loved the BBC "Wallander" TV series. I love the slightly noir feel that the Swedish setting lends to the stories and landscapes. It looks like I need to buy that book for my reader once it becomes available in the UK as an ebook!