January 27th, 2010

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"One thing we know about the Apple 'tablet': it's US only" by marypcb

Mary to Many - One thing we know about the Apple 'tablet': it's US only

I have ended up commenting twice over there. Once to Mary herself:

To be honest I was expecting this. I have an iPhone 3G and a Sony Reader. I will be sad to miss out on the possibility of a netbook-type-device that I can draw on but then this won't have a stylus (or keyboard) and so I am not really interested. I need to replace my dual G5 tower with some decently specified (WoW and PS3 and so on) Intel Mac desktop or other more urgently but we do not currently even have the cash for that.

…and once to a comment there from autopope, author Charles Stross:

I think Mary may also have been referring to the cases where books on kindle often cannot be bought in the UK even if they are available on kindle in the US. I have fallen foul of that recently ("Rosemary and Rue" by Seanan McGuire). I do not have a Kindle itself (I much prefer my shiny silver Sony Reader Pocket) but I do have the iPhone kindle app. Once publishers start allowing the internet to buy their books wherever there is internet and not merely in some out of date concept of country, the better. A book/webtext by (if I remember correctly) Cory Doctorow comes to mind where this guy is running or partaking in some kind of Napster for ebooks - I forget the name and much more of the plot right now.

P.S. I have just reread "Unwirer". It has withstood the tide of time pretty well and was an enjoyable reread. Sometimes I am very pleased to have my multiple sclerosis caused superpower that allows me to reread books and re-watch TV/films that I have already read/seen because I can not ever remember much more than a vague idea of plot and character (i.e. the MonSter ate my memory/branes!).