January 26th, 2010


Cambridge Face Memory Test

Saw this link on a BBC News page and so took the test.

My results:

Out of 72 faces, you correctly identified 42.
In other words, you got 58% correct.

On our previous version of this test, the average person with normal face recognition was able to recognize about 80% of the faces. If you correctly identified less than 65% of the faces, this may indicate face recognition difficulties.

For more information about face blindness and other face recognition difficulties, please go to www.faceblind.org.
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Cat post

Recently I have been reading a number of posts on my LJFriends List and also in my RSS Reader about cats, pets, their loss and their humans' grief. I have been thinking long and hard about this subject for a few weeks, anyway, but now seems to be the time to write a post on the subject. This was very hard to write. I may be more draconian than usual about uncaring comments.

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