January 11th, 2010


The song title sums it up

Yup, been awake all night again. Ah well. More of a daily blow-by-blow of my sleep, symptoms and medications over at natdaylog which may be both boring and squick-generating T.M.I in equal measures.
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    "The Pixie Can't Sleep" from "Tales from the Road" by S. J. Tucker
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My LiveJournal FAIL

I am reading and reading and not so much of the commenting or writing. I think that I need to trim my LJFriends 'Default View' group because I cannot find an entry I have read until I go back 700 or more entries.

I may even actually trim my LJFriends list. I keep adding people and almost never un-'friend' anyone. I think that I need to rethink that. *ponders*

Please, if I have missed anything important, point me at it now? I am going to skip all of those unread entries and just restart reading from now.