December 26th, 2009


Yet another new twitter & LJ account

Yesterday I started a new twitter (and livejournal) account for the boring health and medication tracking tweets. If you want to follow it, PM or email me or comment here for details. Neither are closed or protected accounts but I would rather not advertise them by following them myself. The new twitter account ships to the new LJ account every day using LoudTwitter and will hopefully mean the tweets shipped to this LJ by Twittenesis are more interesting and bloggish having moved the "I took some paracetamol" posts (so that I know what time I took them so as not to overdose, for example) elsewhere.

I know many people find twitter posts on LJ annoying and boring but there is some content that I tweet tweet to the natalief account (and that gets shipped to this LJ) that I personally find interesting - sometimes about me and, more often, about other subjects (e.g. links) - and that I tweet so that people might find out about these interesting things. I would like to concentrate on that more in the natalief Twitter and LJ relationship.

TL;DR1: If you would like to know and follow my health and medication twitter and/or livejournal, let me know and I will give you the account names.

This has been a public service announcement that some of you may even have found interesting.

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Fiction writers are very important! Also, it is not easy to do well!

In reply to a post in which catvalente (a published author) writes:

I think of myself as an academic, it's part of my identity, but it's a lie. I'm not one. I don't have a graduate degree of any kind...

I replied as follows:

This. What houseboatonstyx says.

You research life and you read both fiction and non-fiction, I am sure. You write papers and theses (short stories and novels) that are in the form of fictionalised truth - merely a writing style less seen in "academic" circles. More people read your writings that those of "pure" academics.

Your papers and theses are studied and learned from. They inspire further research and writing. You are an academic in all but name. I do think that a fiction writer is as much an academic as an English professor, rocket scientist or neuro-surgeon. This is your day job. It consumes you as much as mathematics consumes Charlie Epps (fictional maths professor on Numb3rs on TV, if you don't watch that).

The world is a much better place than it would be without your writing. Just sayin'.