December 19th, 2009


Ponderings about writing

I have been reading about James Chartrand's writing and (apparently male chauvinist) blogging and how he is actually a woman. I read his/her blog post about why writing as a man made more sense. I am also reading some other blog posts elsewhere that have been linked that are not at all complimentary about how "James" went about this (e.g. this one).

I had been thinking about coming up with a male nom de plume / pseudonym for myself for a while but had not been able to think of anything I liked or that had not already been taken. I have finally decided on something (which I will no publicise here as I want to keep the two totally separate) and grabbed the livejournal(s) that I could use. I may never get around to using the name but have, at least, taken the first steps towards the possibility.

Edited to add (ETA) from my comment below:

Part of the reason for a pen name would be to separate my online identity thus far (natalief for so many years - my maiden name began with an F as well as my married surname!) and some of the things I may have said or done online under that guise (or the few variations on that web-nick-name) from my future potential writing and any associated publishing - exactly so that Googling me would not dredge up the no doubt numerous skeletons in the internet and web archives.

Deleting something that is online never makes it disappear with any certainty or permanence. It might still be in someone's web cache, screen-shots folder or other archive somewhere. If you get famous, it will (according to authors I have spoken to that have experienced this) be brought out into the harsh light of day.
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