December 8th, 2009


What phase of your educational cycle was your favorite?

Elementary school - those were the good ol' days.

Well, if 'elementary school' equates to 'primary/infants/junior school' in the UK. To be honest my favourite time at school was one particular year at primary school when I was in 4th year Juniors.

My teacher was Mr Pearson and, before he had to leave to take care of his sick father and was replaced by another teacher, he was an amazing inspiration to me. He gave me extra maths work to do and so I was the only child in the class to have homework (we did not get homework at that age in those days). He encouraged me to read adult books like The Hobbit (Tolkien) and Great Expectations (Dickens). I was heartbroken when he left.

Other than that, all of my school years after age seven when we moved to Sussex have been full of bullying by both students and teachers. I was a 'cry-baby', a 'square' (my mum bought second-hand school uniform or made it by hand and the other children had new clothes) and a 'swot' (too clever and proud of it) according to the children and a 'lazy daydreamer' according to some of the teachers (when, in fact, I was bored senseless and always a chapter or two ahead in the text books).

It is ironic, really, because I eventually started to get slower and slower at school - mainly once I went to university and the glandular fever (Mono) relapses (I first had the G.F. for my A level exams at age 18), depression and fatigue (all of which may have actually been Multiple Sclerosis - my G.F./Mono blood-test was negative) meant that I barely managed to scrape through my Biochemistry BSc and subsequent Information Technology MSc.

Yeah, okay, this has ended up being T.M.I. and TL;DR. Summary:
    I had one partial year after I was seven where I had a teacher that was supportive and encouraging and other than that school mostly sucked.