November 15th, 2009


Note to adders

No, not the snakes. People who add me to their LJFriends lists.

If you do not leave me a message, have no publicly visible entries and have only the barest minimum userinfo, I am not going to add you back and am likely to ban you!!

Yes, sociablepress, I am looking at you!
pixelasleep, sleep

Spoke too soon

Melting. Aching. Sleeping. Dreaming vivid dreams in serial. Needing to sleep more when I wake to recover from the dreams. Knitting a bit. Not writing. Words are eluding me. 2166 words needed by midnight tonight to be on target. Not going to happen. I will get back on target. I WILL! One day. Not today. No bunnies here. Where'd they all go? *splat*
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