November 1st, 2009



Of, COURSE there would be torrential rain on the 1st of November so that I have a splitting headache as I try to start IndyWriMo. I have taken painkillers and drunk Moroccan Mint Green Tea, though, and have already written 671 words in just over an hour. This story/novel has been begging for me to write it (it has been YELLING at me!) since I decided that I would try NaNo this year - and has been a dormant stabled plot bunny for many years now before that. It seems to be writing itself to some extent - and I am not complaining!

I am going for 30k (1,000 words per day) as my IndyWriMo target but with the option to over-achieve and hit 50k+ and so "win" NaNoWriMo if possible. Assuming that there are that many words to be had in this story, that is. Therefore I am aiming to write 1k-2k words per day depending on my health and muse each day.

I have no idea if it might be publishable or even readable once I have finished, but at least I am finally doing it. I am going to try to not knit or spod (let alone play WoW!) until I hit my target word-count for a day so that those can be my rewards (along with chocolate!). I am loving using Scrivener (we bought me a license!) instead of the dreaded white page of a pen and paper or MSWord. I find the blank page to be so intimidating and the ability to write a larger piece on small notecards with attached sheaves of paper seems to gel with how I think. Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV), of course.

My NaNoWriMo Novel Page.

Chart of my IndyWriMo Progress, 2009

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A Tale of Friendship, Cosmic Justice, and a Lesson Possibly Learned. I have 3" x 5" cards printed with a notice that they are breaking the law and sometimes remember to put said cards on these inconsiderate sods' windscreens.

auditory distractions... I have CAPD-like symptoms. Whether CAPD itself (undiagnosed) or part of the MonSter or Migraines, I don't know. This might explain more about my memory problems.

Are We Seeing The Rise Of Alzheimer's Horror? Creepy with an element of truth. I hate losing parts of my mind, already but, to be honest, once I lose enough of my mind I will no longer know that I used to have it.

I will update this post now and then with more links instead of posting lots of small link posts. I will likely *also* post smaller link posts.

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