October 17th, 2009


"A Lack Of Common Scents"


Me: “Thank you for calling [clinic], how can I help you?”

Customer: “I’d like to know how much it is to descent my cat. He was a stray that was eating our other cats’ food and we decided to keep him.”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am. We can’t de-scent a cat. He may be spraying to mark his territory, and if he is, we can neuter him.”

Customer: “I assure you my cat has scent glands! He backs up to furniture, marks them, and if you startle him, he will turn around and try to mark you! And he’s mean too! If you try to come near him, he growls and tries to bite.”

Me: “Ma’am, cats don’t spray when startled usually. Are you sure it’s a cat?”

Customer: “Well, yes.”

Me: “What color is it, ma’am?”

Customer: “Black and white.”

Me: “What do his markings look like?”

Customer: “All black with two white stripes down its back.”

Me: “Ma’am, that is not a cat. That is a skunk.”

Customer: “Well, you have obviously never seen a cat before!” *hangs up*

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A request to all you creative types

I need a "Get back on the horse and carry on" icon (or similar inspirational text telling me not to give up at the first fall/hurdle) and/or a banner/image that I can print and stick on my wall. I so often start a project-with-a-deadline and then, the first time I get ill (which, lets face it, is pretty dang often! 1), or have an off-day for whatever reason and cannot make the quota/deadline for that day, I give up and tell myself that I was silly to think I could manage said project rather than continuing on the next day (or when I am well enough, of course) and potentially still making the target/quote/deadline.

I may make something like this myself in photoshop. It might be a text-only image (or text on a nebulous patterned background).

If any of you have, can find or can make something like this for me I would really appreciate it! A LOLCat-style photo with caption would work as well, but I cannot (personally, right now) think of an image that would work for me.

Can anyone offer any ideas/links/suggestions?

Also, who is doing NaNoWriMo this year? I have a plot bunny and have done a bit of prep/planning for the first time. I *may* actually do it this year with a possible reduced target just for myself to take into account that I get ill - and lets face it, if I aim for 20k or 30k my inner-over-achiever may hit 50k instead!


Can you tell this is stream of consciousness writing? Lets face it, that is what I need if I do attempt NNWM - writing with my inner-editor switched off.

Maybe I need a "ReIntNoWriMo" icon. "Reduced International Novel Writing Month", that is. I have always had a bugbear about the "Na" part of NaNoWriMo, being a huge pedant as I am - I am not USian and so should not do NaNoWriMo by definition! ;-p

Possibly something like these (via nano_icons):

with ReIntNoWriMo and the "Get back on the horse and carry on" inspirational text instead.


Nothing yet…

1 For those of you that may not know I have multiple sclerosis - the MonSter.