September 17th, 2009


Knitting obsession

Since the VERY enjoyable but EXTREMELY exhausting (for me) iKnit Weekender last weekend up in London (and actually, if I am honest, since before then) I just cannot NOT be knitting. This means that I am playing next to no WoW (about an hour or so in the last ten days or so) and that all of my waking hours are spent either knitting or with an incredible urge to knit. Well, as they say, it is far cheaper than therapy (both physical and psychological) and it is also cheaper than hard drugs (just a joke)!

I am becoming more involved with StitchLinks (also see stitchlinks) and iKnitLinks with another potentially cool (but secret for now) development on the cards/emails.

I am knitting my way through the stitch pattern book that I have knitting a sampler of these patterns (and may need to purchase more and/or visit the library).

Last night I finished my third feather and fan scarf/shawl. I can't post pictures yet because it is a gift for someone.

I am completing the Teddy Cardigan that we started to knit in the class taught by Gwen Knighton Raftery (the_gwenzilliad) at the iKnit Weekender. I have some in-progress photos over at flickr.

Also, I had hoped to attend the biweekly knitting group near here* this time around but only realised an hour or so before it started (as I awoke from a nap) that it was today / this week (and not next week). This meant that I did not have time to get showered/dressed/ready and get there by bus or organise a lift. I will have to plan better and try to go next time. I need more knitting buddy face to face ("facetime in meatspace") fix. I REALLY enjoyed that about the iKnit Weekender.

* there is one in Arundel that I have been to before but that involves a train journey. There is also a group that meets outside Horsham that involves a lift or a bus ride that I have not been to yet but that sounds like worth a try.